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2nd place
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3rd place
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1,251st place
99th place
77th place
7,014th place
4,338th place
152nd place
120th place
497th place
371st place
9th place
13th place
low place
7,652nd place
1,241st place
1,069th place
3,085th place
1,875th place
230th place
214th place
853rd place
505th place
8,331st place
5,204th place
4,289th place
2,348th place
7,075th place
4,103rd place
14th place
14th place
3,754th place
2,155th place
2,229th place
1,256th place
6,093rd place
3,721st place
6,864th place
3,942nd place
low place
6,166th place
11th place
8th place
2,544th place
2,456th place
210th place
157th place
1,029th place
657th place
140th place
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129th place
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1,634th place
1,093rd place
730th place
468th place
581st place
738th place
2,734th place
1,606th place
4,417th place
2,702nd place
2,029th place
1,272nd place
858th place
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low place
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1,866th place
5,695th place
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702nd place
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1,314th place
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2,002nd place
1,199th place
8,751st place
5,339th place
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2,298th place
1,409th place
529th place
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5,987th place
3,757th place
5,051st place
3,281st place
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6th place
6,635th place
4,977th place
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6,635th place
1,419th place
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low place
6,713th place
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729th place
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1,304th place
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403rd place
1,108th place
661st place
9,290th place
5,524th place
3,992nd place
2,333rd place
940th place
907th place
268th place
215th place
54th place
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712th place
526th place
low place
6,094th place
5,905th place
3,175th place
139th place
108th place
9,220th place
9,285th place
481st place
508th place
301st place
478th place
3,661st place
2,508th place
4,940th place
2,732nd place
126th place
84th place
553rd place
334th place
13th place
12th place
19th place
18th place
433rd place
284th place
15th place
16th place
1,358th place
801st place
990th place
621st place
7,474th place
4,553rd place
4,754th place
2,875th place
2,117th place
1,361st place
1,418th place
966th place
low place
low place

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    • "Obama strongly denounces former pastor". NBC News. Associated Press. April 29, 2008. Retrieved November 10, 2012. I have been a member of Trinity United Church of Christ since 1992, and have known Reverend Wright for 20 years. The person I saw yesterday was not the person [whom] I met 20 years ago.
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