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Analisys of sources in references of the Wikipedia ariticle

SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Indonesian rank↓ (19),↓ (2)2125↓ (8)811↓ (3)312431135↓ (2)286542508↓ (2)267459350↓ (2)276835016↓ (1)1low3780↓ (1)1low9799↓ (1)1623770↓ (1)1187160↓ (1)132223↓ (1)1280320↓ (1)140502572↓ (1)122537625↓ (1)112271961↓ (1)1517↓ (1)1low9802↓ (1)1low9800↓ (1)1214142↓ (1)19051039↓ (1)1low9801↓ (1)111602623↓ (1)1121197↓ (1)1low9328↓ (1)1low9317↓ (1)13381571↓ (1)1393490↓ (1)1105373↓ (1)1low9803

  • 5. "The Tao of IETF: A Novice's Guide to Internet Engineering Task Force", P. Hoffman and S. Harris, RFC 4677, September 2006.

  • 11. "HTML 4.01 Specification". World Wide Web Consortium. Diarsipkan dari versi asli tanggal 6 October 2008. Diakses tanggal 13 August 2008. [T]he link (or hyperlink, or Web link) [is] the basic hypertext construct. A link is a connection from one Web resource to another. Although a simple concept, the link has been one of the primary forces driving the success of the Web.

  • 13. Jakubowski, A.; Łukasiak, L. (2010). "History of Semiconductors". Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology. nr 1: 3–9.

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